Public meeting at Newton Heath

July 16, 1892
Hip, hip, hurrah! A balance of over £5 on the last season’s working. What do some of the League clubs say to that? The above club (one of the last formed into a limited liability company) held a very successful public meeting to bring their affairs before the district. Mr. T. Connelly, the president, was in the chair, and he was supported by Mr. Councillor Rothwell and other gentlemen.

It was announced that the old ground had been secured, and extensive preparations were already going on for next season. The following players were also signed: John Davies, Slater, Jimmy Warner (goal), McFarlane, John Clements, and James Brown (Dundee Our Boys), backs; William Stewart, Arthur Henrys, Jimmy Owen, Fred Erentz (Our Boys), halfs; Bobby Donaldson, John Sneddon, Alf Farman, Billy Hood, William Mathieson, Adam Carson, and Peter Coupar (Our Boys); besides these Felton, Cain, Crawshaw, Brown and Holt, of the second team, are also on the list, and Allen, a promising half from Hollinwood, has been secured. Others are under consideration, especially some local youths.

Great surprise was caused by the statement that there was a balance on the past season’s working, as will be seen below. Mr. Councillor Rothwell once more came to the help of the club and took up 130 shares. This was the amount of a loan he had not been repaid, and, as he expressed it, did not want to be. Mr. Rothwell also said he was willing to help even further if it were necessary, either at present or on a future occasion.

In regard to season tickets it was announced that they would be 7s. 6d., 12s. 6d., and £1 1s, the two latter admitting to all matches, including cup-ties.

A lot more shares were taken up and great enthusiasm was shown as to the success of next season.

Some items of general interest crop up in the balance sheet. A sum of £2,070 18s. 8d. occupies almost the first line, this being the gate receipts, and includes payments from runners, dancers, &c. Other sums received are – Subs., £40 4s. 6d.; sale of tickets £212 4s. 6d.; loans, £299, 9s.; commission on trip to Bolton, £1 10s.

£149 9s. was repaid towards loans; players’ wages totalled £1,393 0s. 3d.; football utensils, £44 15s.; printing and stationery, £140 4s. 3d.; travelling and hotel expenses, £202 17s. 4d.; checkers and linesmen, £41 19s. 2d.; referees, £26 0s. 11d.; police £23 17s. 4d.; gate divided £477 10s. 0½d.; plant £26 3s. 11d., and general expenses, £46 13s. Two or three other items appeared on each side besides the above, and a total income of £2,650 10s. left a balance of £67 0s. 11d. The assets are the respectable sum of £237 16s. 8d., of which £77 13s. 8d. has been put into the treasurer’s box since the season concluded, being “cash due from Manchester Association.”

The football utensils are valued at £15, whilst the £67 odd balance and a few other items bring up the assets total just named.

On the liabilities side the following are all that appears: – Balance of loans, £130; rent of ground, £10; wages (which have been paid) £43 3s. 6d; due to a referee £1; sundry accounts (law, medical attendance, refreshments, printing, posting, &c), £46 and balance, £5 12s. 4d.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: July 16, 1892)


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