Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (July 23, 1892)

July 23, 1892
The Bootle Cricket Committee met the football deputation in an amicable spirit on Monday evening and agreed to accept a rental of £70 in future. This is a considerable reduction, as he rental previously has been £100 a year, although the Cricket Committee last season informally agreed to accept £80.

The committee met the evening following, and the prospectus was drafted and will be in the hands of the public by this. The matter is spoken of so enthusiastically by the supporters of the club that I hope they will show their loyalty to the club by assisting in a practical manner.

If the committee or Directorate are supported as they hope to be, there will be no mistake about the team being improved – in fact, this is talked about already. Should everything go on satisfactorily, “Mac” intends that next season’s results of matches shall equal the magnificent performance of the team when he wielded the secretarial pen in 1889 and 1890, when their record was unbeaten in Alliance matches at home, whilst eight League clubs were also defeated.

To give the supporters of the club an opportunity of obtaining a knowledge of the ins and outs of the Goodison Road enclosure the executive intend holding an “At Home” shortly. It is a good idea and will tend to prevent confusion in the early matches, for the estate is very extensive.

The Liverpool club are now at liberty to open negotiations with the League clubs, and it is probable all of them will be seen at Anfield during next season. William McOwen, late of Darwen, will be on the staff, which undoubtedly includes some scorchers.
(Cricket and Football Field: July 23, 1892)


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