Everton’s new ground

July 25, 1892
The Everton Club are quietly setting their house in order, and on Monday night invited several members of the local press to the new Goodison Road Ground, with the object of allowing them to select the position for the new press box. Already one Liverpool paper has arranged for a telephone and any reporter who prefers solitude can have a private box all to himself. In fact, Goodison Road people intend to do the thing well, and are not only having fine dressing tents for the teams but the referee will have one for his especial benefit, wherein he can seek seclusion from the compliments and other more substantial things which are thrown about promise nous like when that all-important official has failed to give satisfaction to the home spectators. The idea of providing a separate dressing-room for the referee has its advantages; for it is not pleasant to hear certain remarks from the players when you are diverting yourself of your official attire, and donning the everyday garb of civil life. With nothing on but your shirt, for instance, you feel a loss of dignity which prevents you arguing knotty points in a manner which becomes a Saturday afternoon Emperor, and on various grounds the idea of reserving private apartments for a referee is to be commended, and might be followed by other clubs.
(Source: Athletic News: August 1, 1892)

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