Season preview 1892-93: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 1, 1892
The new Liverpool Football Club have spent a large sum of money in order to place a team in the field able to hold its own, and they have succeeded pretty well. Mr. William Barclay and his committee are old parliamentary hands, and know perfectly well that to do any good at all they must have a powerful team.

Powerful teams now-a-days mean a big salary list, and I shouldn’t be at all surprised to find the Liverpool club paying more in wages than one half the League clubs. However, if they are successful in their Lancashire League engagements, as I have not the least doubt they will be, there is little question about it being a paying concern. There is one thing certain – they must have some money behind them, for they have not been limited to the £10 bonus, and have paid away some very large sums.

They have two good goalkeepers in Sydney Ross, of Cambuslang, and William McOwen, of Darwen, while Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean are quite clever enough at back. At half they are rather weak, but in James McBride, of Renton, they have secured a splendid little player. Forward they are strong with Malcolm McVean (Third Lanark), Jock Smith (Sunderland), John Miller (Dumbarton), Thomas Wyllie (Everton), Alex Brady (Renton), &c.; and on paper the team looks good enough for the task they have in hand, although such clubs as Bury and Blackpool are not disposed to hand over the championship right away – not quite.
(Source: Athletic News: August 1, 1892)


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