A Preston footballer and his domestic troubles

August 3, 1892
At Preston Police Court, this morning, Jane Sanders, wife of Moses Sanders, operative and professional footballer, applied for a maintenance order against her husband.

Mr. Blackhurst appeared for complainant, and Mr. P.H. Edelsten for defendant.

The complainant said she was married in 1888, and had three children, two of whom were dead. In June, 1891, her husband’s sister came over from America and stayed with them for some time.

The sister was going back and the defendant asked his wife to accompany her, saying that he would send her a pound a week until he came, when he finished his professional duties with the North End football team.

He also told her to sell all the furniture to enable her to go. She did all this, and had made arrangements to go back with her sister-in-law, when she found out that defendant was keeping company with another girl, in consequence of which she told her husband that she would not go.

Defendant said he never gave his wife permission to sell up all the furniture, nor to go to America. He would not live with her, or let her live with him at his mother’s. He would pay for her if she would go to the workhouse, which was the best place for a woman who was always “selling a fellow up.”

The Bench made an order for 8s. per week and costs.
(Lancashire Evening Post: August 3, 1892)

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