St Barnabas Church, Liverpool: The new Act

August 3, 1892
The new Act, which received the Royal assent on the 27th June, authorising the sale of St Barnabas Church, Liverpool, and the erection of a new church at Anfield, has just been printed.

The Act contains 18 clauses, and is prefaced by over seven pages of preamble, which, after setting forth the history of the formation of the district assigned to the church of St Barnabas, states that the population of the district has so greatly diminished that the Church of St Michael is more than sufficient for the whole of the inhabitants of the district of St Barnabas and St Michael, and that therefore it is expected that the Church of St Barnabas and its site should be sold and its district annexed to district of St Michael, and that a new church should be erected on a site at Anfield which has already been acquired.

The Act, therefore appoints five trustees, namely, the Archdeacon of Warrington, the Rev. James Gerard Leigh, the Rev. Frederick Linstead Downham, Mr. John Houlding, and Mr. John Arthur Makin, with “absolute power,” upon the passing of the Act, to sell St Barnabas Church and the site, materials, fittings, and furniture thereof, together with the churchyard.

It is, however, provided that before the church is pulled down the trustees shall cause the church plate and such obey suitable ornaments, fittings, materials, and furniture, as they are think fit, together with all registers, deeds, records, books and documents, to be removed to place of safe custody until the new church at Anfield is ready for their reception.

By clause 9 of the Act the trustees are directed “so soon as circumstances admit” to erect, out of the proceeds arising from the sale of the old church, and on the site which has been acquired at Anfield, a new church, the first incumbent of which is to be the Rev. Frederick Linstead Downham, but upon his death the right of presentation to the incumbency is to vest in those persons who, but for the passing of this Act, would have been patrons of the old Church of St Barnabas.

The new church at Anfield is, by this Act, to have a separate district assigned to it, which is to be hereafter constituted with the consent of the bishop, and so soon as the old Church of St Barnabas is closed, the district formerly assigned to it is to form a part of the district of the Church of St Michael’s, Liverpool.

The Act provides that all endowments, stipends, emoluments, and rights now belonging to the Church of St Barnabas or the incumbent shall be transferred to the new church which, when completed and ready for consecration, shall be known by the name of the Church of St Simon and St Jude, Anfield, “and all seats and sittings in the new church shall be free.”
(Liverpool Mercury: August 3, 1892)

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