Five departures from Cambuslang

August 5, 1892
On Friday last five players left Cambuslang to play in England. These were James Collins, Sydney Ross, Bernard Coyle, James Jamieson and George Smith.

Collins will play for the second year in succession for Everton, while the four others are engaged by the new enterprising club in Liverpool.

As Cambuslang had not a very successful season last year, these desertions are somewhat alarming. Ross and Coyle will be much missed. Cleverer custodian than Ross could hardly be desired, while Coyle is a splendid left-back.

Jamieson and George Smith are young players, the former being a plucky half-back. A gentlemanly player and smart manipulator of the ball is Smith, but he will hardly stand a season’s professional play.
(Source: Scottish Referee: August 8, 1892)

* The article is mixing up a few facts here. Of the above-mentioned players only Sydney Ross played for Liverpool. The others must have all been invited/engaged by Everton. Collins, Smith, Coyle and Jamieson all played a pre-season test match for Everton.


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