Meeting of the Football Association (August 5, 1892)

August 5, 1892
A meeting of the council of the Football Association took place last evening at the offices, 61 Chancery Lane, London, Mr. John Charles Clegg (Sheffield) presiding.

The first round of the qualifying competition was deferred until the next meeting, and it was decided that the entries for the cup should remain open until August 15. A letter from H. Matthews, junior, re his transfer from Birmingham St. George’s to Small Heath was referred to the Lancashire Association.

An application from Stockton Football Association Company (Limited) to hold a medal competition for amateurs was referred to the Durham and Cleveland Association. A letter from the Rawtenstall Football Club, reporting C. Parkinson for signing for them whilst already signed for Bell’s Temperance, was referred to the Lancashire Association.

John Middleton Campbell and James Goodenough were suspended until September 30 for playing in close season. The report of J. Birchall, by Stockport County, for signing for Macclesfield when already signed for Stockport, was referred to the Cheshire Association.

An application from the Cumberland Football Association to promote youth’s competition was granted. An application from the Stockport and District Charity Cup and Shield Association was referred to the Cheshire Association.

A vote of thanks was passé to the National Cyclists’ Union for refusing permits to athletic meetings having football in the close season.

The following clubs were elected to the association: – Flint, Hadfield, Loftus, Rossendale, Uxbridge, Langley Mill Rangers, Ledgate Park, South London League, Garswood Hall Recreation, Ronbridge, Stockport County, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Wakefield, Workington, Blyth, Kimberley, Chesham Generals, Ashton-under-Lyne, Ashton North End, Seaham Harbour, 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters, 48th Regiment, Surbiton Hill, Scarborough Rangers, Finedon Revellers, Wellingborough Town, Old Hill Wanderers, Chesterfield, Cowes, City Ramblers, Rushden, Mickley, Barton Rovers, Erith, and Windsor and Eton.

Permission was given to the Northern Football League to play a match in September. It was decided that the resolution of September penalising Scotchmen who had played in the close season only prevented them from competing against English clubs; that infringements of rules re playing in the close season be dealt with in the same way irrespective of the place where such infringement took place; that no penalties be less than a month; also that playing in the close season, as well as for another club than that registered or, represent one offence though an infringement of two rules. The clubs in the association were divided into ten divisions for the elections of the members of the Council. It was decided that the next meeting be held on August 29.
(Sheffield Daily Telegraph: August 6, 1892)

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