Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (August 13, 1892)

August 13, 1892
* So those rumours re Dickie Boyle, Jack Bell, and the great Dan Doyle are only false after all.
* Goodison Road, can certainly claim to be the finest ground in England, bar one.
* How to treat the Press courteously. For information, apply to Goodison Road.
* That poster of Liverpool F.C. is by no means a startler, as far as the calibre of their opponents go.
* Now, Everton, pull your socks up, and make a bid for public favour, for by that only can you live.
* Liverpool F.C. commenced practice last Thursday (11th inst.) and their exhibitions are free. Oh! I say!
* Now John Houlding get your hands down, for you will certainly require to do so if you wish to follow Liverpool ‘per fas et nefas’ (Kjell note: through right and wrong).
* Though Liverpool F.C. was first in the field, Everton’s climax will be reached very soon by a real live lord performing the ceremony.
* So Lord Kinnaird will open Everton’s enclosure. Illuminations will be the order of the day, and fireworks the illumination of the night. Besides the Prince of Wales’ Own Regiment will make melodious murmurs on the 25th.
* The Liverpool team has all arrived, and they mean to go for that Lancashire League championship.
(Cricket and Football Field: August 13, 1892)


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