Liverpool at the Ring O’Bell’s Hotel

August 20, 1892
The first annual picnic promoted by the Liverpool Association Football Club was held at West Kirby on Saturday, and proved a most enjoyable and successful event.

The weather was gloriously fine, and the wagonette drive through the delightful scenery of Wirral to and from West Kirby proved one of the pleasantest features of the day’s proceedings.

The party made the old Ring O’Bell their headquarters for the day, and the afternoon was agreeable spent in athletic sports, the players, all of whom were present, entering with keen zest into the various competitions.

Prizes were given by Councillor John Houlding (president of the club), Messrs. William Houlding, Benjamin E. Bailey, William Barclay, Ephraim Walker, Frank Sugg, William F. Evans, John James Ramsay, Lawrence Crosthwaite, Holland, John Dermott & c.

The contests resulted as follow: –

100 yards flat race: Pearson, 1; Dick, 2; Berry,
Tug of war: Hannah’s team, 1; Kelso`s team, 2
440 yards race: D McLean, 1; Jones, 2; Gilbert, 3
Long Jump: Hannah, 1; Wyllie, 2; McVean, 3
Hop, skip and jump: Wyllie, 1; McLean, 2; Dick, 3
220 yards race: Jones, 1; McVean, 2; Dick, 3
Dribbling contest: Miller, 1; McVean, 2

The company then partook of a substantial tea at the Ring o’Bell’s Hotel, and subsequently Mr William Houlding, in the absence of Mr John Houlding, who was elsewhere fulfilling a political engagement, distributed the prizes, taking advantage of the opportunity to offer a cordial welcome to all the players associated with the club.

“They had together a team which would maintain their reputation against all comers. It was such a team as gave the lie direct to the men who prophesied that they would be simply a park club, and only be able to play park teams. They were anxious to make themselves felt rather than heard in the football world. Whilst their officials and committee were perfectly willing to remain silent they hoped to see their players make a considerable noise in the football world.”

The prizes were then handed to the successful competitors, and the drive home shortly afterwards commenced.
(Field Sport: August 27, 1892)


The Old Ring O’Bells

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