Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (August 20, 1892)

August 20, 1892
* Fleetwood Rangers do not relish Pratt leaving them to go to “Shore”.
* Westhead, who has thrown in his lot with “Shore,” is a promising player.
* Helliwell, of the South Shore, wanted his transfer to Kettering. Did he get it?
* Billy Mather, of South Shore, his friends say, is the best centre-forward in the Lancashire League.
* Jack Hutchinson (Vale of Leven) promises fairly for Bootle F.C.
* The Liverpool team will not set the Mersey on fire; they are a moderate lot.
* It is reported that Liverpool have secured the services of the Stanley goalkeeper for their reserve team.
* Liverpool have lost a good man in Alex Brady, of Renton, who is reported to have joined Sheffield United.
* John Miller delighted the 7000 spectators last Thursday. T. Fenn (an old Bootle player) has also signed for them.
* At last, Liverpool F.C. will don their football paint in the Sandon no more; 27 Kemlyn Drive, will now find their representatives.
* Liverpool will have most of the League clubs at Anfield Road. Blackburn Rovers and Bolton Wanderers are already engaged.
(Cricket and Football Field: August 20, 1892)


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