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Fixtures for Lancashire League 1892-93

September 3, 1892
This League is composed of the following clubs: –
Bury, Nelson, Liverpool, Liverpool Caledonians, Rossendale, Fairfield, Fleetwood Rangers, Higher Walton, Blackpool, South Shore, Southport Central, West Manchester.

03.09.1892 Bury v Nelson
03.09.1892 Caledonians v Rossendale
03.09.1892 Fairfield v Fleetwood Rangers
03.09.1892 Liverpool v Higher Walton
10.09.1892 Caledonians v Blackpool
10.09.1892 Bury v West Manchester
10.09.1892 South Shore v Fairfield
10.09.1892 Fleetwood Rangers v Southport Central
10.09.1892 Higher Walton v Nelson
24.09.1892 Rossendale v Blackpool
24.09.1892 Liverpool v Bury
24.09.1892 Southport Central v Fairfield
24.09.1892 Nelson v Fleetwood Rangers
24.09.1892 Heywood Central v Higher Walton
24.09.1892 South Shore v West Manchester
01.10.1892 Blackpool v Bury
01.10.1892 Southport Central v Caledonians
01.10.1892 Heywood Central v Rossendale
01.10.1892 Higher Walton v South Shore
01.10.1892 West Manchester v Liverpool
08.10.1892 Bury v Higher Walton
22.10.1892 Nelson v Blackpool
22.10.1892 Rossendale v Bury
22.10.1892 Caledonians v Fleetwood Rangers
22.10.1892 Fairfield v South Shore
22.10.1892 Heywood Central v Southport Central
22.10.1892 Higher Walton v Liverpool
05.11.1892 Blackpool v Liverpool
05.11.1892 Bury v Heywood Central
05.11.1892 Caledonians v Fairfield
05.11.1892 Southport Central v Higher Walton
05.11.1892 Nelson v South Shore
05.11.1892 Rossendale v West Manchester
12.11.1892 South Shore v Blackpool
12.11.1892 Nelson v Bury
12.11.1892 Heywood Central v Caledonians
12.11.1892 Higher Walton v Fairfield
12.11.1892 Fleetwood Rangers v Liverpool
12.11.1892 Southport Central v Rossendale
19.11.1892 Nelson v West Manchester
26.11.1892 Blackpool v Fleetwood Rangers
26.11.1892 West Manchester v Bury
26.11.1892 South Shore v Caledonians
26.11.1892 Fairfield v Southport Central
26.11.1892 Higher Walton v Heywood Central
26.11.1892 Rossendale v Liverpool
03.12.1892 Blackpool v West Manchester
03.12.1892 Bury v Fairfield
03.12.1892 Liverpool v Fleetwood Rangers
03.12.1892 Rossendale v Heywood Central
03.12.1892 South Shore v Higher Walton
03.12.1892 Southport Central v Nelson
10.12.1892 Nelson v Caledonians
10.12.1892 West Manchester v Fairfield
10.12.1892 Higher Walton v Southport Central
17.12.1892 Liverpool v Blackpool
17.12.1892 Bury v Southport Central
17.12.1892 Fairfield v Heywood Central
17.12.1892 Fleetwood Rangers v Higher Walton
17.12.1892 Nelson v Rossendale
24.12.1892 Blackpool v Southport Central
24.12.1892 Higher Walton v Caledonians
24.12.1892 Rossendale v Fairfield
24.12.1892 Fleetwood Rangers v West Manchester
24.12.1892 Heywood Central v Nelson
24.12.1892 South Shore v Liverpool
26.12.1892 Caledonians v Bury
26.12.1892 Fleetwood Rangers v South Shore
26.12.1892 West Manchester v Higher Walton
31.12.1892 Blackpool v Fairfield
31.12.1892 Bury v Fleetwood Rangers
31.12.1892 Liverpool v Heywood Central
31.12.1892 Rossendale v Higher Walton
31.12.1892 West Manchester v Nelson
02.01.1893 West Manchester v Caledonians
02.01.1893 Fairfield v Liverpool
02.01.1893 South Shore v Fleetwood Rangers
07.01.1893 West Manchester v Blackpool
07.01.1893 Higher Walton v Bury
07.01.1893 Caledonians v South Shore
07.01.1893 Nelson v Fairfield
07.01.1893 Southport Central v Fleetwood Rangers
07.01.1893 Heywood Central v Liverpool
14.01.1893 Bury v Blackpool
14.01.1893 Fleetwood Rangers v Caledonians
14.01.1893 Fairfield v Rossendale
14.01.1893 Nelson v Heywood Central
14.01.1893 Liverpool v West Manchester
14.01.1893 South Shore v Southport Central
28.01.1893 Fairfield v Nelson
28.01.1893 West Manchester v Fleetwood Rangers
28.01.1893 Southport Central v Liverpool
04.02.1893 Southport Central v Bury
04.02.1893 Fairfield v Caledonians
04.02.1893 Heywood Central v South Shore
04.02.1893 Higher Walton v West Manchester
04.02.1893 Rossendale v Nelson
11.02.1893 Fairfield v Blackpool
11.02.1893 Bury v Liverpool
11.02.1893 Southport Central v Heywood Central
11.02.1893 Higher Walton v Rossendale
11.02.1893 West Manchester v South Shore
18.02.1893 Blackpool v Heywood Central
18.02.1893 Fairfield v Bury
18.02.1893 Caledonians v West Manchester
18.02.1893 Higher Walton v Fleetwood Rangers
18.02.1893 Nelson v Liverpool
18.02.1893 Rossendale v Southport Central
25.02.1893 Blackpool v South Shore
25.02.1893 Rossendale v Fleetwood Rangers
25.02.1893 Nelson v Higher Walton
04.03.1893 Blackpool v Caledonians
04.03.1893 Heywood Central v Bury
04.03.1893 Liverpool v Nelson
04.03.1893 West Manchester v Rossendale
04.03.1893 Southport Central v South Shore
11.03.1893 Fleetwood Rangers v Blackpool
11.03.1893 Rossendale v Caledonians
11.03.1893 Fairfield v West Manchester
11.03.1893 South Shore v Heywood Central
11.03.1893 Liverpool v Southport Central
18.03.1893 Blackpool v Rossendale
18.03.1893 Caledonians v Southport Central
18.03.1893 Liverpool v South Shore
25.03.1893 Higher Walton v Blackpool
25.03.1893 Bury v South Shore
25.03.1893 Caledonians v Heywood Central
25.03.1893 Liverpool v Rossendale
25.03.1893 Southport Central v West Manchester
27.03.1893 Liverpool v Caledonians
31.03.1893 Blackpool v Heywood Central
31.03.1893 Bury v Caledonians
31.03.1893 Fleetwood Rangers v Fairfield
31.03.1893 South Shore v Nelson
01.04.1893 Blackpool v Nelson
01.04.1893 Bury v Rossendale
01.04.1893 Fairfield v Higher Walton
01.04.1893 Fleetwood Rangers v Heywood Central
03.04.1893 Fleetwood Rangers v Bury
03.04.1893 Liverpool v Fairfield
03.04.1893 Heywood Central v West Manchester
08.04.1893 Caledonians v Higher Walton
08.04.1893 Heywood Central v Fleetwood Rangers
08.04.1893 Nelson v Southport Central
10.04.1893 Caledonians v Liverpool
15.04.1893 Fleetwood Rangers v Nelson
15.04.1893 Rossendale v South Shore
22.04.1893 Southport Central v Blackpool
22.04.1893 South Shore v Bury
22.04.1893 Caledonians v Nelson
22.04.1893 Fleetwood Rangers v Rossendale
22.04.1893 West Manchester v Heywood Central

(Lancashire Evening Post: September 3, 1892)

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