Liverpool winning 8-0 against Higher Walton

September 3, 1892
At Liverpool, before 300 spectators. The visitors, half-an-hour late, started with ten men. Walton won the toss, and play started in showery weather.

After some exchanges Liverpool pressed, and had three fruitless corner. McLean was conspicuous for good play, and Smith scored. Walton got down, but were soon repelled. Play continued even, both sides exerting themselves.

The Liverpool left-wing raced away, but the only result was a goal kick. Play was still in Walton’s quarters. McLean dropped a big kick in goal, the ball being well put out. Another fruitless corner was realised. Pearson shot well, the goalkeeper being floored, and McBride scored.

Smith ran down well. Cameron missed a fine chance. In a while McLean scored, after fine passing. The Liverpool left passed across, and Kelvin shot, Cameron scoring from the re-bound.

Half-time – Liverpool 5, Walton 0.

Resuming, play was even, but Liverpool soon began to press. Many good shots were cleared out; but McLean missed a plain chance. From a scrimmage in front of Walton’s goal Cameron scored with an easy shot.

Walton was confined to their own quarters. Walton then had a look in, but were quickly repelled. McQue scored a seventh. Give-and-take play followed. Smith scored, and time was sounded.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: September 3, 1892)


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