Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: September 5, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

September 5, 1892
Liverpool encountered Higher Walton in their first league match on Saturday at Anfield. Walton, but for some occasional dashes, were confined to their own half of the field throughout the game.

The Liverpool forwards played well together, their passing at times being a treat. Jock Smith especially worked very hard. At halfback Joe McQue shows rare judgment and tackling powers, and he is a fine shot at goal. The game, despite it one-sidenes, was never duel from start to finish. Liverpool ran out easy winners by 8 goals to nil; Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean being very safe at back.

Liverpool made an auspicious debut on Thursday, when they defeated Rotherham Town by 7 goals to 1. They have thus scored 15 goals to 1. Evidence this of being a splendid team. They are too clever for their opponents at present; but surely such a combination is not to “waste its sweetness on the desert air.” Liverpool public was represented by only 300 on Saturday. This is regrettable.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 5, 1892)


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