The Nops crushing Liverpool 5-0

September 6, 1892
About 2,000 spectators assembled on the Paradise Ground, Middlesbrough, on Monday night to witness this match.

Middlesbrough Ironopolis: Charles Watts, James Ellliott, Phil Bach, Tom Seymour, Bob Chatt, R. Nicholson, Jock Hill, Archie Hughes, Tommy McCairns, Peter Coupar, Wally McReddie.
Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean; James Kelso, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Jock Smith, Malcolm McVean, John Cameron, Andrew Kelvin.

The ‘Nops kicked off, and a few minutes after the start Coupar with a fine shot got the ball past Ross, thus scoring the first goal for the homesters. Some play in the visitors’ quarters followed, when Smith, the Liverpool inside right, made a run down the field with the ball at his toe, but spoiled a good chance by putting behind.

After this play was again transferred to the other end of the field, where a free kick being obtained for hands against the visitors, Coupar put the second goal through. A foul was given against the visitors in midfield some time later, and Elliott putting the ball well in a hot scrimmage took place in the Liverpool goal, which for some time was in imminent danger, the ball being eventually put over the ball. Very shortly after this the half-time whistle blew, with the score: –

Ironopolis, 2; Liverpool, 0.

On changing ends the ‘Nops at once started to press, and within two minutes Coupar sent in a clinking shot, which Ross failed to negotiate, thus scoring the third point for the home team.

Some end-to-end play ensued for about ten minutes, at the end of which the Washers again getting down Hill put across to Coupar, who, for the fourth time, did the trick with a smart shot.

McReddie distinguished himself a little later by a fine run down the field, which resulted in a corner, and a minute after the same player passed to Hughes, who, eluding the custodian, registered the fifth point.

The game ended without any further score being made.
(Source: Northern Echo: September 6, 1892)



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