Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (September 10, 1892)

September 10, 1892
* Mr. Alex Nesbit’s eleven lay low to Bootle’s second string. He says they are the making of a splendid team.
* Oh, Liverpool! Allowing yourselves to be thrashed by the Ironopolis by five to nil. You must shake yourselves up.
* Alex Latta’s latest exhibition stamp him as one of the finest if not the finest outside righter in England. And can’t he shoot?
* Mr. William Barclay was not the least discomforted when he heard his adventures lost by five to nil. He said they were poorly represented.
* It is said that the shutters of Liverpool will have to be put up if their gates not increase. They have a good eleven and deserve better.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: September 10, 1892)


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