Liverpool beat Grantham Rovers 3-1

September 16, 1892
This friendly game was played at Anfield in fine weather and before 700 spectators. Liverpool tried a new full back, Fairly (Kilmarnock Athletic), in McLean’s place.

Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Sam Fairly, John Cameron, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Jock Smith, Malcolm McVean, Glen, Andrew Kelvin.
Grantham Rovers: John Broadbent, Moon, William Brittain, Roe, McBarr, Geeson, Southwell, Pulling, Edwards, Joe Chamberlain, Allen.

Losing the toss the visitors started the game, and McVean intercepting Edwards the Liverpool van at once took up the attack, Wyllie giving Broadbent a teaser to get rid of, which the Rover did in a finished style. The home lot continued to have the best of the matters, but their play lacked finish, and a few good chances were thrown away.

A free kick close in upon the Grantham goal, in favour of the Anfielders, was turned into account by Glen, as he beat Broadbent rather easily. So far the Rovers had done nothing, but on receiving this first reverse they showed better play, and gave both Hannah and Fairly plenty of work to protect their custodian.

A strong lob from the former was taken up by the home van, and after some tricky passing McVean scored another point for Liverpool. The visitors’ half-back division was weak and easily beaten, thus causing the bulk of the work to fall upon Moon and Brittain, who for a while gamely defended their charge, but ultimately had to go under for the third time, as McVean, from a centre by Kelvin, beat Broadbent with a lofty shot.

From now until the interval Liverpool held the upper hand, but the score stood unaltered.

On resuming, play opened out more even, the Grantham front division putting more spirit into the game, Hannah and Fairly being put on their mettle to avert defeat. After Broadbent had twice saved, the visitors, by good combination, again troubled the Liverpool defenders, Ross conceding a corner from a straight shot by Chamberlain.

The homesters rushed away in the centre, Kelvin and McVean both testing Broadbent. Smith followed with another which bothered the visiting custodian a great deal, he only clearing after the ball to all appearance had crossed the line. From this stage Liverpool held the upper hand, the Rovers’ citadel having some narrow escapes.

A clever bit of passing by Southwell and Pulling at last converted play to the home end, and a smart tip by the former across to Chamberlain enabled the latter to beat Ross with a real beauty.

Liverpool again attacked strongly, and for a considerable time the Grantham backs were kept busy. Nearing the finish Liverpool still pressed, but no further scoring was done, the Anfielders thus retiring victors by 3 goals to 1.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 16, 1892)


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