Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (September 17, 1892)

September 17, 1892
* Who is the Everton supporter who has been fishing in Sandyland, and caught nothing?
* How many times did each person go through the turnstiles on Saturday last at Liverpool?
* The dressing-rooms on Liverpool`s ground are well worthy of inspection. That is when you have found them.
* When shall we see Bootle in the old stripes?
* So “6,702 passed the turnstiles” v Stockton. Now, Everton! To your defence.
* Should policemen and postmen pay to see Everton play? The deputation thought not.
* All soldiers, postmen and policemen are free to enter the Goodison ground. Why the “loafing bobbies?”
* Mr. John Houlding knows how to treat visitors to his ground.
(Cricket and Football Field: September 17, 1892)


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