Footballers reinstated as amateurs

September 23, 1892
The secretary of the Football Association informs us that the following professionals were reinstated as amateurs on the 23rd inst.: –

Richard Ashden, South Bank; Alfred Armstrong, London Caledonians; Henry Atkinson, Grimsby Town; David Appleton, Rugeley A.S.; George Bird, Darlington, Charles Bunyan, Derby County; George Bakewell, Notts County; L.W. Brownlow, Gainsborough Trinity; A. Bontoft, Boston Town; Anthony Bellamy, Grimsby Town; Harry Bailey, Small Heath Alliance; John Banks, Oldbury Town; William Braid, Walsall Town Swifts; Patrick Casey junior, Rugeley A.S.; Frank Crossland, Ecclesfield; Robert Cooper, South Bank; Peter Chadwick, Port Vale; A.W. Clissold; Stourbridge; William Cheshire, Luton Town; E. Dunn, Bishop Auckland; John Dungworth, The Wednesday; Thomas Devey, Darlington; William Dawes, Chester; William Deebank, Stourbridge; William Edwards, Willenhall Pickwicks; Alex Ferguson, Eckington Works; Enoch Pailey, Eckington Works; James Fahey, South Banks; J.H. Fitzpatrick, Bootle; Peter Ford, Sunderland Albion; Herbert Farmer, Stourbridge; Frank Guttridge, Horsham; George Gregory, Ecclesfield; William Gregory, Ecclesfield; Thomas Garratt, Eckington Works; J.W. Gibbon, Bishop Auckland; M. Goodfellow, Bishop Auckland; Fred Gee, Stafford Rangers; Thomas Green, Birmingham St. George’s; Walter Hardy, Long Eaton Rangers; Robert Hogarth, West Hartlepool; J.S. Henderson, Darlington; J.T. Hutchinson, Darlington; A.D. Henderson, Nottingham Forest; James Higgins, Hednesford; A. Higgott, Rugeley A.S.; John Holt, Aston Villa; Ralph Jackson, Port Vale; W. Jones, South Bank; Charles Joliffe, Whiston; Allan Jackson, Notts Olympic; William Jardine, Rendel; R. Jones, Walsall, Robert Keitey, Walsall T.S.; William Lodge, Bishop Auckland; John Lunson, South Bank; William Lowe, West Hartlepool; John Lambert, Bootle; William Lord, Farnworth Standard; Richard Lewis, Walsall Town Swifts; George Millar, Middlesbrough Ironopolis; William Monteith, Stockton; Harry Merriless, Newcastle West End; David Mullens, Middlesbrough; Joe Matthews, Langley Green Victoria; John McBean, Royal Arsenal; Thomas McCluskey, St. Augustine’s; John Ogden, Newton Heath; William Marr Orr, Liverpool Caledonians; Arthur Pickles, Attercliffe; Frank Pitts, Montrose; William Potts, Southwick; John Pickerill, Wolves; William Pope, W.A.C.; Tom Prollit, Walsall Town Swifts; Henry Powell, Gorton Villa; William Ryder, West End; I.J. Ryder, West End; G.M. Robertson, Sunderland; Charles Robertshaw, North Staveley; J.W. Richardson, South Bank; Thomas Russell, South Bank; Joe Rothwell, Stockton; James Richards, Birmingham St. George’s; W. Richards, Wednesbury O.A.C.; Samuel Reeves, Cannock Town; Harry Reeves, Park Mills; Harry Richardson, Lytham; Henry Stokes, The Wednesday; Robert Smith, Montrose; Robert Smalley, Everton; George Strachan, Bishop Auckland Town; William Strachan, Bishop Auckland; Joe Southward, Nottingham Forest Reserves; Amos Stead, South Bank; Fred Searle, Hednesford; Bernard Shaw, Woolwich Arsenal; Private C.J. Staite, Cowes; Joe Saul, Oldbury Town; William Siddons, Darwen, George Sealey, Redditch Town; Robert Theakston, Bishop Auckland; J. Thompson, Attercliffe; John Taylor, Middlesbrough Ironopolis; J. Taylor, Newcastle West End; James Turley, Langley Green; M. Tunnicliffe, Burton Swifts Victoria; W. Unsworth, Leigh; Thomas Whysall, North Staveley; H. Winterbotton, The Wednesday; Frank Walford; Thomas Whitehead, South Shore; Joe Wardropper, Newcastle West End; Samuel Wood, Middlesbrough; Joe Whittaker, Tonge; F. Whitehouse, Tamworth Town; Fred Wilkes, Reddish Town Swifts; Ernest Watts, Small Heath; William Whitehouse, Cannock Town; John West, Smethwick Carriage Works; Joe Yates, Willenhall Pickwick.
(Sporting Life: September 30, 1892)


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