Liverpool v Bury

September 24, 1892
At Liverpool, before 5,000 spectators, Liverpool won the toss and elected to play with both wind and sun in their favour. Joe Clegg kicked off, but the ball was carried out. Bury then pressed, and Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean had a warm five minutes.

Liverpool next began to show their superiority. Thomas Wyllie made a splendid dash along the wing, beat Ross and George Warburton, and centred beautifully. John Cameron shot in, but John Lowe cleared. John Miller, however, was in position, and scored a fine goal.

After some pretty passing between Andrew Kelvin and Cameron the latter scored with a grand screw shot. Liverpool were now having all the game, and before long the Bury defence was again broken through, this time Malcolm McVean doing the needful. Bury was kept constantly in danger, and close on half-time Miller added a fourth.

On resuming play Liverpool commenced the attack, and Miller had the hardest of lines in not scoring, the ball striking the crossbar and rebounding into play. It was eventually cleared by Bury. Jack Plant and Bourn got off the left, and caused Sydney Ross to clear. A corner followed, which was again fisted out by Ross. Kelvin and Cameron put in some good work, and from a pass by the latter Miller almost scored.

Final: Liverpool 4, Bury 0.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: September 24, 1892)

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