Liverpool v West Manchester 3-1 (League match: October 1, 1892)

October 1, 1892
Key note:
“Originally the fixture with West Manchester was set down to be played away, but the venue was changed, therefore Anfield Road was the scene. And a nasty wet one it was, too. Unfortunately for the club, but fortunately for the spectators, there was just room for the lot under the large covered stand, and those who had previously been on the uncovered stands showed their appreciation of the invitation to come in out of the wet by a hearty hurrah.”(Cricket and Football Field: October 8, 1892).

Match: Lancashire League, at Anfield, kick Off: 15:45.
Liverpool – West Manchester 3-1 (0-0).
Attendance: 1,000.
Referee: Mr. T. Lomax.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean, John Cameron, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Jock Smith, John Miller, Malcolm McVean, Andrew Kelvin.
Secretary: William Barclay.
West Manchester (2-3-5): Entwistle, Frank Sugg, William Russell, Daniel Spiers, Pickering, Allison, Bridge, Tom Iddon, Bogie, Walsh, Leigh.
Secretary: John Rice.
The goals: 0-1 Bogie, 1-1 Wyllie (70 min., assist: Kelvin), 2-1 Smith (80 min.), 3-1 Miller (89 min., assist: McVean).

Match report:
* Liverpool Mercury: “Liverpool beating West Manchester at Anfield”;
* Liverpool Mercury: “Weekly review”;
* Athletic News: “Liverpool and District notes”;
* Cricket and Football Field: “Another win for Liverpool”;

Frank Sugg (from private archive).


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