Liverpool and District notes (October 3, 1892)

October 3, 1892
At Anfield the Liverpool team scored a rather smart victory over West Manchester. The first half, despite an incessant drizzling rain, as full of interest, and towards half-time the Manchester lads deserved to score, but, notwithstanding innumerable chances, no goals were registered. Resuming, the visitors worked up, and gained a goal. Liverpool replied by drawing even, and then towards the finish some sensational football gave the Anfielders a three goals to one victory. The losers played most respectable football, and Saturday’s winners may find that three goals does not divide the teams in the Lancashire Cup-tie. The form which Liverpool is keeping up is doing the club a world of good, and it looks as if the new venture had fairly caught on. Anyhow, nothing succeeds like success, and though this is a commodity which may not be commanded, the Liverpool organisers may fairly lay claim to having deserved it.
(Source: Athletic News: October 3, 1892)