Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: October 3, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

October 3, 1892
After their match with the South of Scotland combinationQueen of the South Wanderers – on Thursday evening, Liverpool on Saturday were engaged in a Lancashire League fixture with West Manchester at Anfield.

We can hardly class the game as a great one, for, considering the state of the weather and the soft condition of the ground, a good passing game could not be expected. Nevertheless, all though it did not lack interest, and in fact in the last ten minutes it became quite exciting.

To have a goal against them 20 minutes from the finish, and then by sheer pluck put on the equalising point and add two more, was indeed a smart performance, and this was what Liverpool accomplished on Saturday.

The first half was decidedly in favour of Manchester, and it is hard to understand how they failed to score, as they had no less than eight corner kicks in their favour. Liverpool had also many chances thrown in their way, but the leather invariably struck the wrong side of the net.

The second portion opened fast, and Entwistle was first in trouble, but then venue was changed to Sydney Ross’s quarters, after a fine sprint by Bogie, which enabled Walsh to get through. Both sides went at it with might and main, and Thomas Wyllie drew level. Manchester seemed to collapse when Jock Smith got a second past, and near the call of time John Miller notched a third.

Neither Ross nor Entwistle had very much to do in goal, so good was the defence of the back divisions. The Liverpool trio of half-backs were much more effective in their tackling than the same string of their opponents.

Bogie, the Manchester centre, was in fine fettle, but he would no doubt be more useful to his side if he kept his position among his forwards. Wyllie was the best in the Liverpool van, although the whole five at times showed accurate combination.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: October 3, 1892)

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