Lancashire F.A. meeting (October 14, 1892)

October 14, 1892
A meeting of this association was held at the Spread Eagle Hotel, Manchester last evening. There was a full attendance of representatives, the chair being occupied by Mr. W. Forrest. The business was the settling of protests arising out of the second round of the Junior Cup Qualifying Stage, and dealing with a number of complaints from clubs and officials.

Halliwell protested against their tie with the Black Lane Rovers counting, the grounds being that the Rovers ground was not an enclosed ground within the meaning of the rule. After hearing the Halliwell representative the matter was postponed for further evidence.

Elsworth, of Witton, was reported for having signed two registration forms, and Ramsbottom were reported for signing him when he was already registered with the association, but it was decided that no action be taken either against Elsworth or the Ramsbottom club

Mr. Taylor, of Ashton Town Football Club, who refereed in a match between Rawtenstall and Fairfield reported R. Duckett, of the Rawtenstall Football Club, for ungentlemanly conduct, and the player was severely reprimanded. Walter Place, of Burnley Football Club, was reported for having signed two registration forms, but the matter was postponed.

The draw for the third round of the qualifying stage for the Junior Cup was made as follows: –
Division 1: Rawtenstall v Haslingden;
Division 2: Adlington v Black Lane Rovers or Halliwell;
Division 3: Ashton-in-Makersfield v Bootle Athletic;
Division 4: Whiston v Chorley.

To be played on the ground of the first-named club on November 5. Kick-off: 14:45.

The qualifying stage of the Senior Cup is concluded, and the draw will not be made for some time, as the competition proper does not commence until January.
(Lancashire Evening Post: October 15, 1892)


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