Liverpool’s last qualifier

October 15, 1892
Glorious football weather and no mistake was that of Saturday. It was a grand wind up to a dirty a week as ever was experience at this time of the year. Talk about rain, why it makes a fellow shiver even now at the thoughts of it. Well, Mr. Editor, as we knew that trifles in the shape of a north-west gale or monsoon, or in fact anything short of an earthquake is not sufficient to stop a Cup-tie, therefore the Liverpool team set off to play the last of the series of qualifying matches in the County Cup Competition against West Manchester.

On arriving at the scene of action the captain of the Liverpool crew was so much struck with the unsuitableness of the West’s ground for a cup-tie that he felt it his duty to lodge a protest against it. Later on this was withdrawn, but the fact remains that the ground wants seeing to, and it behoves a rising club like West Manchester to put their house in order, and so prevent what on another occasion might be a very awkward predicament to be placed in.

The Liverpool executive were in a very uneasy frame of mind on the evening previous, as Duncan McLean had received another knock on his sore arm at Glasgow and seemed totally unfit for play. At present the club have no reliable man to put in Duncan’s place, so that one leading member at least looked anything but happy over the prospect. A good night’s rest after the journey from Glasgow put McLean in his usual plucky mood and so he started with his comrades on Saturday morning. He was very much handicapped, being obliged to keep his bad arm still and shield it as much as possible, nevertheless he did his part right well, and the Liverpool supporters are under an obligation to him.

The game calls for no special comment, as it was very similar in its features to the match of the previous week, barring that Liverpool scored in the first half, whereas in the first meeting of the clubs half-time was reached with nil as the result. Two more goals were cracked on in the last 15 minutes, and so Liverpool came away easy winners. The whole team played well under the depressing influences, and I congratulate them on their success. To-day Liverpool travel to Nantwich in pursuit of the English Cup, through the qualifying stages of which they should run through with just as much ease as that of the Senior County.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: October 15, 1892)

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