English Cup Competition

October 19, 1892
Nantwich v Liverpool. Played at Nantwich.
Nantwich: Champion, H. Shenton, Richard Keay, T. Critchley, Herbert Crawford, Hitchen, Hope, A. Hollowood, John Garnett, Walter Cartwright, R. Bull.
Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Malcolm McVean, John Miller, John Cameron, Andrew Kelvin.
Referee: Mr. Taylor, Wrexham.

The weather was vile, a perfect deluge of rain continuing during the whole of the game. This handicapped the players considerably, but more especially the home team, the heavy ground telling on them, whilst their burly opponents were less affected.

The game was a good one, neither team getting any advantage unil twenty minutes from the call of time, and then Liverpool scored four goals in quick succession. The home defence was splendid. Champion played a sterling game at goal, some of his saves being exceedingly clever. Shenton and Keay at full-back were as safe as could be desired, frequently repulsing the onslaughts of Miller and his men of the front rank.

The half-backs – T. Critchley, Herbert Crawford, Hitchen – were in grand form. It would be hard to single out the best, Crawford proving too many for Messrs. Smith and Wyllie on many occasions.

Of the forwards Cartwright, Hollowood, and Bull played a good game. Hope at times made a good run and centred well, but Garnett played rather shy against his heavy opponents.

Of course the best team won, but had the day been dry the Liverpudlians would have had all their work cut out to have brought the game off. Result: Liverpool, four goals, Nantwich, 0.
(Source: Nantwich Guardian: October 19, 1892)


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