Edinburgh v Glasgow 2-2 (Inter City: October 22, 1892)

October 22, 1892
Match: Inter City, at Logie Green.
Edinburgh – Glasgow 2-2 (0-0).
Attendance: “Large”.
Referee: Mr. R. Harrison (Ayrshire); linesmen: Messrs.: J.S. Gilchrist and J. Campbell.
Edinburgh XI (2-3-5): William Cox (Leith Athletic), James Adams (Captain, Heart of Midlothian), Robert Foyer (St. Bernards), Isaac Begbie (Heart of Midlothian), George Anderson (Leith Athletic), Matt McQueen (Leith Athletic), Alex McLeod (Leith Athletic), Thomas Baillie (Heart of Midlothian), Robert Rae Laing (Leith Athletic), James Henderson (Leith Athletic), David Baird (Heart of Midlothian).
Glasgow XI (2-3-5): Robert Downie (Third Lanark), Andrew Thomson (Third Lanark), James Hall (Battlefield), John Gillespie (Queens Park), Andrew McCreadie (Glasgow Rangers), Allan Stewart (Queens Park), William Gulliland (Queens Park), Thomas Smith Waddell (Queens Park), James Hamilton (Queens Park), Robert Boyd (Third Lanark), William Sellar (Queens Park).
Goals: 0-1 Hamilton, 1-1 Begbie, 1-2 Hamilton (46 min.), 2-2 Own Goal (Downie).


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