Lancashire League: Higher Walton v Liverpool.

October 22, 1892
Played at Moons Hill. Liverpool were minus John Cameron, and Higher Walton Lonsdale. Liverpool, who kicked off, at once took up the pressure, and having forced several byes, John Miller, within the first five minutes’ play, scored with a nice shot.

Higher Walton then got a corner, but Livesey put the ball over. Parker then tried a rather long shot, but Sydney Ross easily stopped it. Play then was even, but at last Thomas Wyllie got the ball and centred well. Addison fisted out, but John Miller got the ball on the bounce and headed through.

Andrew Hannah was cautioned by the referee for kicking at Forrest, and also threatened to report him for being impudent.

Half-time: Liverpool 2, Higher Walton 0.

The second half opened with a corner for Liverpool which Higher Walton, after much scrimmaging, managed to stave off. Five minutes later Thomas Wyllie got the ball and sent it through the Higher Walton goal at a terrific pace. Offside was claimed, but disallowed. James McBride followed by putting the ball over the bar.

Within four minutes of the former goal being scored, John Miller put on another, getting the ball in front of the home goal. After even play Thomas Wyllie got the ball and put on the fifth point. His third goal was a clinker, Addison having no chance. Shortly before time was called Forrest left the field hurt.

Result: Liverpool 5, Higher Walton 0.
(Lancashire Evening News: October 22, 1892)