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Liverpool win easily at Moon’s Hill

October 24, 1892
Liverpool journeyed to Higher Walton on Saturday to tackle the home club in the return match of the Lancashire League.

John Miller kicked off and the visitors, with a cross wind slightly in their favour, immediately made matters look ominous for Addison. After a little finessing and an excellent centre by James McBride, John Miller secured, and easily placed a goal to the credit of Liverpool.

Malcolm McVean directly afterwards having the hardest of lines in not scoring with a terrific shot which struck the bar and rebounded into play. Forest on the home right then headed a forward movement, but Duncan McLean interposed and gave to Thomas Wyllie, who ran the ball out.

Still continuing in the enemy’s quarter, the visiting forwards found the home backs and goalkeeper an enormous amount of work, and to their credit they did their share exceedingly well. From a capital clearance by Enderby Forrest again got off, and forced a corner from Duncan McLean. This caused Sydney Ross an anxious few minutes, but having cleared in splendid fashion a stinger from Parker, was not again seriously troubled throughout the game.

From one of John McCartney’s throws the visiting forwards had a very good chance, but dallying too long, the opportunity was missed. Just on half time Thomas Wyllie, receiving the ball from John McCartney, raced past all opposition, and giving John Miller the sphere that player easily headed through the second point for Liverpool.

Upon the restart Liverpool still showed improved football, and by the grand play of the three halves kept the home defence “on the move” continuously.  Two exciting scrimmages under the var warming up both players and spectators, for in a short time the visitors had increased their lead by two goals, one each by John Miller and Thomas Wyllie, who later on secured the fifth,

Liverpool thus running out victors by five goals to nil.

Higher Walton: J. Addison, J. Enderby, E. Craven, Gerrard, J. Law, Flintoff, Forest, Liversey, Booth, Howarth, Parker.
Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Malcolm McVean, Tom Miller, Jno. Cameron, Andrew Kelvin.
(Liverpool Mercury: October 24, 1892)


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