Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: October 24, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

October 24, 1892
Liverpool, the champions of the Lancashire League, still pursue the even tenour of their way. On Saturday they visited the Higher Walton club, whom they had previously defeated at Anfield by 8 goals to nil, and further increased their goal-average by beating the Waltonians by 5 goals to nil.

Liverpool were immeasurably superior in every department to their opponents, if we except the backs, for Enderby and Ted Craven are men who know how to kick and tackle, and do not fear to do it. Sydney Ross, with one exception, had nothing to do, but the display of the three halves – John McCartney, Joe McQue, and James McBride – was quite up to League form.

Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean had, through the excellent work of the halves, but little to do, but it was performed in their usually clean style.

The whole of the forwards played finely, the combination at times completely bewildering their antagonists, but Malcolm McVean, John Miller, and Thomas Wyllie outshone any forwards on the field; the only attacker to make any clever display on the other side being Forrest, a brother of the redoubtable Forrest of the Rovers.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: October 24, 1892)


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