Liverpool v Newtown.

October 29, 1892
Liverpool v Newtown.
Newtown put in an appearance at Anfield this afternoon to play their tie against Liverpool in the second round of the national competition. The ground was in capital condition, and there were a good crowd of spectators present when

T. Worthington kicked off for the Welshmen, who showed capital form in the first two or three minutes J. Thomas having a shy at Sydney Ross. The Liverpudlian left went up in combination, some sharp work being cut out for the Welsh backs, who, however, were equal to the call made upon them. A couple of corners fell to the homesters, both of which were taken by Thomas Wyllie, the first being scrimmaged clear, while the second was kicked by John Miller. Another hot scrimmage took place in front of Worthington, John Cameron kicking over.

After the Welshmen had paid a temporary visit to the home quarters Miller again shot over. Tayor and A. Townsend played a capital back game for Newtown, and got their side out of difficulties on numerous occasions. Another fruitless corner to the home side, and “hands” against the Welshmen availed nothing, their goal being still intact. Duncan McLean and Andrew Hannah cleared a rush by the Welsh forwards, the homesters making tracks towards the Welsh goal, Wyllie passing all opposition, and passing to Malcolm McVean who shot in. A. Edwards cleared, but John McCartney met the ball, and the ball went through with a rattle.

Some nice passing by the home forwards ended in a corner, but it was again cleared, both the backs and half-backs defending well for the Welshmen. Worthington went widely down the centre, but was pulled up by McLean; a shot from the Welsh right went flying over the bar. Liverpool again attacked most of the front division having a shine at Edwards, but Edwards, O.D.S. Taylor and Townsend played exceedingly well and kept their opponents at bay for a considerable time.

Wyllie at length found an opening and he made good use of it, Edwards being defeated for the second time. Liverpool were still on the attack, and the visitors successfully cleared another corner, but the homesters were now having far the best of the game, and the third goal was scored for them by one of the visiting backs. Scarcely another minute had elapsed ere McVean carried the Welsh fortress again, amid rounds of applause. Two more corners fell to Liverpool, both being cleared, although with some difficulty. Half-time arrived with the score: Liverpool 4 goals, Newtown nil.

When the second half commenced, there would be about 4,000 spectators present. Each side made smart attacks in the first few minutes, the Welshmen forcing a corner at the one end, and Liverpool doing the same at the other, both of which availed nothing. Even play was followed by a smart attack on the Welsh citadel, which had some marvellous escapes.

After twenty minutes’ play, McVean scored a beauty, which quite elated the spectators. The Welshmen seemed to have a rare chance of scoring, but did not make the best use of their opportunity. Down went Liverpool again, and another regular fusillade took place in front of Edwards, Wyllie and Hugh McQueen each scoring very clever goals, and it was seldom the Welshmen crossed the half-way line. Final result: Liverpool 9 goals, Newtown nil.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 29, 1892)

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