Alex Latta (Everton)

October 30, 1892
There are several players who are debarred from taking part just now in international fixtures, though being Scotch by birth, therefore unable to play for England, where they are located as professionals, and left out in the cold by the Scottish Association, which scorns to avail itself of professional aid. Alex Latta, who is, or was, a boat-builder by trade was born in Dumbarton in September, 1867, and played early in the eighties with the Dumbarton Athletic. He quickly distinguished himself by his quickness and cleverness on the right wing, and after representing his county from the year 1885 to 1888, played outside right for Scotland against England at Kennington Oval in April, 1889, when the “canny Scots” won by three goals to two. This was not his first international, however, as unless much mistaken he had a season earlier been selected to do battle at Edinburgh against Wales. His ability attracted the attention of the Everton football club, who made him a tempting offer to join their ranks as a professional. He accepted the proffered terms, and has remained with them till the present time, proving a prominent feature of the formidable front rank of Everton Anglo-Scotch combination, which includes such a phalanx of past and present internationals. Latta stands about 5ft. 8½in., and weighs rather more than 12 stone.
(Source: Lloyd Weekly News: October 30, 1892)

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