Liverpool win 9-0 in the FA Cup

October 31, 1892
At Anfield, in presence of 4,000 spectators. The Liverpool team was further strengthened by Matt McQueen and Hugh McQueen, late of Leith Athletic, and the elevens lined up as follows:

Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Matt McQueen, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, John Cameron, John Miller, Malcolm McVean, Hugh McQueen.
Newtown: A. Edwards, Oliver Taylor, Alfred Townsend, Henry Tucker, Tom Chapman, E. Rees, William Pryce-Jones, E. Evans, Tom Worthington, J. Thomas, W. Morgan..

Worthington opened the play, and for a few minutes the Welshmen put on a bold front. The Liverpool team, however, soon settled down, and subjected the Newtown defence to some severe pressure, and after a stubborn resistance Edwards was rather easily beaten by a lobbing shot from John McCartney.

Once or twice the Reds made strenuous efforts to get down, but were never dangerous, and after a bit confined themselves strictly to defence. It availed little, however, as Thomas Wyllie put on No. 2. Townsend placed one through his own goal, and Malcolm McVean wound up the first half by scoring No 4.

Change of ends brought no relief to the visitors, and Liverpool were always attacking. Malcolm McVean notched a fifth point, and Thomas Wyllie got a sixth with a flying shot, Hugh McQueen making the score into seven goals during the next minute.

Newtown played up desperately under these reverses, and Morgan and Pryce-Jones initiated raids to the other end, only to find the defence far too strong for them. Thomas Wyllie got the eight, and John Cameron piled on the ninth goal, at which total the score stood when the whistle blew, and Liverpool were loudly cheered on leaving the field.
(Liverpool Mercury: October 31, 1892)

Sketch from the match between Liverpool and Newtown at Anfield in the FA Cup qualifying round.


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