Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: October 31, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

October 31, 1892
At Anfield, the Liverpool Club management are not allowing the grass to grow under their feet, and are kneading together a team which will take more beating than most elevens will be able to give them.

The latest captures have been very quietly effected, and in the brothers McQueen (Matt McQueen and Hugh McQueen) they have secured a couple of players far above the average.

Their victory over Newtown was so easily gained, and the team have come on so much of late, that there is really no accurate means of gauging what they are capable of. Edwards had a most anxious time of it between the sticks, and the Newtown custodian must have heaved a sigh of relief when the sound of the whistle terminated his arduous duties.

Backs and halves were fairly overplayed by the attack opposed to them, while Morgan and Pryce-Jones were the only forwards who could make any headway in the front line.

The formation of the Liverpool eleven is now complete in every department, and it will be a question of whom to leave out. None of the players were extended, and the debut of the McQueen’s must be regarded as a decided success, to judge from the lavish applause extended to them.

Skipper Andrew Hannah always had the reputation of having his head screwed on the right way, and since he has thrown in his lot with the Anfielders he has given ample proof that he has lost none of his astute generalship.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: October 31, 1892)



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