Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: November 7, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

November 7, 1892
Weak defence and insipid shooting
Liverpool were deposed from their proud position as champions of the Lancashire League on Saturday.

Accompanied by about 40 enthusiastic supporters, among whom were Councillors John Houlding and Ephraim Walker, the party arrived in good time at Blackpool, in bright cheering weather.

John Houlding.
John Houlding

It was soon seen that, although the visitors were on the big side, the home team were little behind them, but were much better trained, and were as hard as nails. The terrific pace at which the home team went off told every one that they intended to force the game.

John Miller was the first to show up, and had a chance of a shot, but the characteristic Lancashire style of play of the homesters allowed of no dallying, and the Liverpool team repeatedly lost the ball or failed to receive a pass by taking matters too easily.

Weak play by Duncan McLean lost the first goal, and when the second was headed through it was seen that Blackpool were playing a winning game. A gross error by Andrew Hannah in running back with the ball gave his opponents their third goal.

Taking the game throughout, Blackpool certainly deserve their victory. Their clean kicking and tackling must be admired, but they do not display the same method of attack as Liverpool.

Where Liverpool lost was in the weak defence of the backs, and the insipid shots and weak attack of the forwards.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: November 7, 1892)

Raikes Hall Gardens-ground in Blackpool
Raikes Hall Gardens

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