Knocked out of the FA Cup

November 21, 1892
This game was played at Northwich on Saturday, in wretched weather, rain falling heavily most of the time. The ground was a perfect quagmire, pools of water, intermixed with sawdust and mud, being the prevailing features, and Liverpool lodged a protest. Through some doubt as to the qualification of the brothers McQueen, the Liverpool committee left them out, McQue and Kelvin taking their places.

Northwich Victoria: John Gow, Thomas Scanlan, George Postles, Bob Ramsay, W. Crozier, Jesse Stanley, Josh Hargreaves, Patrick Finnerhan, Harry Bradshaw, Robert Macbeth, Harry Fecitt.
Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Jock Smith, John Miller, Malcolm McVean, Andrew Kelvin.

Bradshaw started the game, and the home team were the first aggressors, a foul in goal giving them an excellent opportunity, but Crozier put the ball through. Wyllie then raced up the right, but Scanlon cleared in grand style. McLean returned, and after a most exciting “bully” in goal the ball was put out to Wyllie, who shot through, after about ten minutes’ play.

Miller and McVean then made a pretty run, but Miller slipped when getting into position. Postles next gave to Ramsey, that player putting in a grand shot, which Hannah only partially cleared, McLean came to the rescue. Smith threaded his way through the opponents, only to be robbed by Scanlon, through sticking to the ball too long.

Fecit, who had given Hannah some trouble previously, ran down on the left. McCartney pulled him up and passed to Miller, but Crozier was too quick for him and shot over to his right wing, Hargreaves slipping past McLean like an eel, and Fecit, lying handy, safely put the ball into the net from Hagreaves’ centre.

This unexpected success was greeted with frantic cheers by the crowd, as up to this point Liverpool were by far the better team, and had the most of the play.

Cheered on by the shouts of their supporters the home team were again hovering around Hannah, McLean, and Ross. Eventually McVean and Kelvin relieved by a good run on the left, but Kelvin’s final shot was extremely weak.

By long passing and sharp following up Hargreaves fastened on to the ball and centred, and an exciting scrimmage was formed in the Liverpool goal, from which Fecit landed goal number two. This second success gave the home team an incentive to play up, and the game became fast and furious.

Wyllie, Miller, and Kelvin giving Gow, the home custodian, several hot shots, which he successfully cleared.

Again Liverpool bombarded the home goal, McBride putting a teaser in, and Wyllie supplementing with one which just topped the bar. From a pass by McBride Miller scored a capital goal, but Mr. Lewis gave him offside. Postles, the back, played the ball, but the referee was too far away to be sure of it, and consequently Liverpool lost a legitimate point.

As time drew near each team made strenuous attempts to score, the play becoming most exciting as Gow fisted out shot after shot, and the Ross doing ditto at the other end. Urged on by the onlookers the home team much improved during the last few minutes, and kept Liverpool from being dangerous, and so a fast and fiercely contested game ended in a win for Northwich by 2 goals to 1.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: November 21, 1892)

Harry Bradshaw, Northwich Victoria (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):


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