Essex v Northamptonshire 7-1 (Inter County: November 24, 1892)

November 24, 1892
Match: Inter County, at Lytleton, Leyton.
Essex XI – Northamptonshire XI 7-1 (5-0).
Essex (2-3-5): Rev. C.C. Broadhurst (Chelmsford), Frederick Raymond Pelly (Old Foresters), W.H. Russell (Clapton), P.A. Read (Ilford), A.E. Casselton (Clapton), G.T. Hollington (Old Foresters), W.G. Connell (Crusaders), L. Dashwood (Old Foresters), N. Perkins (Cambridge University), A.N. Guy (Old Foresters), J.D. Hutchins (Ilford).
Northamptonshire (2-3-5): G. Pack (Finedon Revellers), W. Lilley (Finedon Revellers), W. Clayton (Rushden), A. Bailey (Raunds), T. Minney (Rushden), A. Robinson (Finedon Revellers), G. Cowper (Wellingborough Town), H.C. Lewis (Rushden), Bill Keech (Wellingborough Town), A. Elson (Finedon Revellers), T. Litchfield (Rushden).
The goals: 1-0 ?, 2-0 ?, 3-0 ?, 4-0 ?, 5-0 ?. 5-1 Litchfield, 6-1 ?, 7-1 ?.



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