Rossendale v Liverpool

November 26, 1892
At Dark Lane, before 3,000 spectators. Rossendale played the identical team that did duty at Bury last week, whilst Liverpool played Phil Kelly in place of Andrew Kelvin.

The homesters kicked off against the wind, and play in midfield ensued for some time, both sets of backs played well, making scoring difficult. John Miller and Jock Smith did good work for Liverpool, but shot badly. Rossendale tried several times to score but the ball was got away.

Jimmy Sharples ran the ball clean through the backs and might easily have scored, but Sydney Ross saved whilst on the floor. The game was fast and as pretty as ever seen in Rossendale, both sides doing their level best, but scoring was impossible. John McCartney was fouled and Liverpool nearly scored, William Holden saving. The visitors were now having a bit the best of the play. Half-time: Rossendale 0, Liverpool 0.

The game was re-started, and Liverpool scored immediately with a fast shot from Miller. Then Sharples had a shot at the other end which went wide. The rain poured down, making matters unpleasant. Liverpool scored another, the ball going through off one of the Rossendale backs. Rossendale pressed severely during the last twenty minutes.

Final: Liverpool 2, Rossendale 0.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: November 26, 1892)

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