Bright Liverpool display at Dark Lane

November 28, 1892
This match was played at Rossendale. Liverpool were again weakened by the absence of the brothers McQueen, Hugh becoming a benedict on Saturday last.

Rossendale: William Holden, Harry Blears, Sam Davis, J. Whiteside, W. Brown, Johnny Weir, R. Brown, J. Garner, Jimmy Sharples, Jack Ratcliffe, Robert Duckworth.
Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Jock Smith, John Miller, Malcolm McVean, Phil Kelly.

The ground was fearfully heavy and sloppy, and when Brown started the game there would be about 1,500 spectators.

Play was fairly even at the start, but the smarter combination of the visitors enabled Kelly to try his shooting powers, but he made a very poor use of the chance offered. Weir received the kick off and gave to his left. Sharples, the inside player, dodged Hannah, and had the goal at his mercy, but although close under the bar Ross managed to clear his very weak attempt.

McCartney put in a beauty at the other end, which, if it had been properly followed up, would have been improved upon without a doubt. Garner and Sharples, on the left, raced up and gave Brown an opportunity, who banged at Ross, but the player was at his best, and cleared gallantly.

McLean, with a huge kick, gave to the visitors’ right wing, who travelled towards Holden, Wyllie finishing up with a grand shot, which was with difficulty cleared.

Upon restarting a most sensation piece of play occurred. Miller gave the initial kick to McVean, and by alternate passes and repasses the two players alone ran clean through their opponents and scored not an individual touching the ball but themselves. This decided the game, for now Liverpool’s passing improved, and before long McBride had added a second.

Although the home team pressed severely the last few minutes, Hannah and McLean played so well that they held the Rossendale forwards in check, and when the final whistle blew Liverpool had secured two more points by this victory of 2 goals to nil.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: November 28, 1892)


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