Choppy Warburton making a meal of the opposition at Stamford Bridge

November 28, 1892
A race for veterans over 50 years of age was decided at Stamford Bridge, London, yesterday afternoon. There were 48 entries, the oldest being R. Moorhouse (Waterloo “Pet”), aged 73.

The race was a handicap for age, 50 yards start for each year over 50 being awarded. The starters numbers 38, and when they went to the post there were 5,000 spectators on the ground. Jackson (the American Deer) and several others soon retired.

At the end of two miles Ray, of Billingsgate (64 years), was leading. Choppy Warburton (Liverpool), 50 years, and Bill Lang (Crowcatcher), 53 years, went very well at the beginning, but the latter was overhauled by the Liverpool man before two miles had been covered.

Result: 1, Warburton (Liverpool); 2, Chipley (Leeds, aged 50); 3, Gullivant (Nottingham, aged 54). Lang retired. Won by half a mile. Time, 61 min. 43 sec.
(Manchester Courier:November 28, 1892)

Choppy Warburton
Choppy Warburton

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