Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: November 28, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

November 28, 1892
have not had the best of luck in their cup ties. Two out of three matches have been played on their opponents’ ground, while by a grave error on the part of a gentleman whose advice was considered sound and reliable in football matters, they dispensed with the service of the two McQueens (Matt McQueen and Hugh McQueen) in their match with Northwich Victoria, thus materially reducing their chance of victory.

On Saturday the team slated Rossendale pointless. The play all round was a decided improvements on that of the previous week. Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, and Duncan McLean were very safe, Ross in particular being brilliant at times, two saves, after being charged over, exciting great admiration.

The three halves also played a very consistent game, John McCartney, by forcible and untiring play, being if anything the best.

The forwards played a more open game, and although they still do not shoot often enough, they were a long way in front of their opponents. Malcolm McVean and John Miller executed a splendid run.

The Browns and Weir played a good game, while the full backs are powerful kickers and offered a strong defence to the visiting attack.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: November 28, 1892)

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