Prime Minister William Gladstone given the freedom of Liverpool

December 3, 1892
Mr Gladstone was on Saturday presented with the freedom of Liverpool. Accompanied by Mrs Gladstone he travelled from Hawarden to Chester, and thence to Liverpool. A large crowd awaited their arrival at Lime-street Station, where they were met by the Mayor. They drove to St. George’s Hall, amidst loud cheers. The right hon. gentleman had an enthusiastic reception on entering the hall, and a specially written grand march was played on the organ. The address having been read by the Recorder (Mr Hopwood, Q.C.), was handed by the Mayor to Mr Gladstone in a silver casket. Mr Gladstone expressed his gratitude for the honour and proceeding, gave an historical retrospect of Liverpool, politically, socially, and commercially. Alluding to the Manchester Ship Canal, he said it would draw to the Mersey more and more of the trade of the world, and would benefit the country for generations to come. On the conclusion of the ceremony, Mr Gladstone drove through the principal streets to the Town Hall, where he was entertained to luncheon by the Mayor, The Premier afterwards returned to Hawarden.
(Nottinghamshire Guardian: December 10, 1892)

PM William Gladstone
William Gladstone

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