Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: December 5, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

December 5, 1892
Liverpool gave as fine exhibition of football on Saturday last as any one might wish to see. Their play was similar, but in much less degree, to the best days of North End. As opposed to most of the leading clubs, who now foster wing play, the Liverpool forwards make most of their game in the centre of the field. John Miller, with his two clever supports, Malcolm McVean and Jock Smith, gave at times so really capital displays, and as they all are deadly shots they are veritable triumvirate.

The Fleetwood Rangers were overmastered after 15 minutes’ play, the home defence coping with their well-known rushes in a most successful manner. Sydney Ross saved two or three awkward shots in a finished style, while Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean gave him material support.

The “three Macs” at half-back were a continual thorn to their opponents, Matt McQueen and John McCartney getting through an immense amount of work with success. The whole of the forwards worked remarkably well together. Thomas Wyllie being the only one not up to the mark. He has contracted a bad habit of turning round and running back with the ball, which does not harmonise with the progressive play of the rest of the team.

Bethel Robinson and John Bibby with Dick Craven, were the best of the visiting defence, the forward being a well-balanced lot, who were outclassed by a better team than themselves.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: December 5, 1892)


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