The heights and weights of the Liverpool players 1892-93

December 5, 1892
The heights and weights of the Liverpool players are:
Sydney Ross, 170 cm. and 62 kilos (5ft. 7in. and 9st. 10lb.);
Andrew Hannah, 171 cm. and 77 kilos (5ft. 7½in. and 12st. 2lb.);
Duncan McLean, 179 cm. and 77 kilos (5ft. 10½in. and 12st. 2lb.);
Matt McQueen, 171 cm. and 69 kilos (5ft. 7 ½in. and 10st. 12lb.);
Joe McQue, 178 cm. and 82 kilos (5ft. 10 in.; 12st. 12lb.);
James McBride, 164 cm. and 60 kilos (5ft. 4½in. and 9st. 6lb.);
John McCartney, 171 cm. and 73 kilos (5ft. 7½in. and 11st. 7lb.);
James Kelso, 179cm. and 70 kilos (5ft. 10½in. and 11st.);
John Cameron, 179 cm. and 76 kilos (5ft. 10½in., and 12st.);
Hugh McQueen, 172 cm. and 73 kilos (5ft. 8in. and 11st. 7lb.);
Malcolm McVean, 168 cm. and 65 kilos (5ft. 6in. and 10st. 3lb.);
Jock Smith, 170 cm. and 69 kilos (5ft. 7in. and 10st. 12lb.);
John Miller, 178 cm. 73 kilos (5ft. 10in. and 11st. 6lb.);
Andrew Kelvin, 168 cm. and 67 kilos (5ft. 6in. and 10st. 8lb.);
Thomas Wyllie, 169 cm. and 68 kilos (5ft. 6½in. and 10st. 9lb).
(Source: Athletic News: December 5, 1892)

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