A friendly draw at Bamford Road

December 12, 1892
Played at Heywood, before 1,000 spectators. The visitors commenced with the incline against them and at once they were forced on the defensive. Webster gave Sydney Ross two stiff shots, and some time afterwards the homesters got a free kick in the Liverpool goal mouth, but it availed nothing. Excitement ran high when the Central peppered away at the visitors’ goal but could not find an inroad.

At half-time neither side had scored.

On the resumption the visitors’ soon became dangerous, and Sharples luckily saved a shot from Thomas Wyllie. The “Centralians” then returned to the attack, and Jones and McWhinnie grazed the Liverpool crossbar with magnificent shots.

Liverpool again attacked, and John Miller notched a beautiful goal, but the homesters equalised from the foot of Horsfield. Both teams tried hard for the mastery, and the backs on each side gave a brilliant exhibition, but nothing further was scored, and the result was a draw of one goal each.
(Manchester Courier: December 12, 1892)