Everybody got their four-pence worth

December 17, 1892
Heywood Central played another grand game on Saturday. They met the best of the Liverpool Lancashire League clubs at Bamford Road, and on a field partially covered with snow they gave an exhibition that caused their supporters to be well pleased with themselves.

The recent improvement in the team’s display has done much to arouse the latent spirits of footballers in Heywood, and if the improvement is only maintained the great winter game will become as popular as it has ever been in Heywood.

For some time the interest in the game seems to have been waning, but that has been proved to be due to the indifferent performances of the team, and with the improved condition of affairs the doings at Bamford Road have become more popular and have commanded an increased share of public patronage. Saturday’s exhibition will do both the team and the club a world of good, and the club especially needs some benefit.

Matters have not been of the rosiest description this season. However, as I have hinted, the match on Saturday was well worth witnessing. Everybody got their fourpence worth and a bit over. There was plenty of excitement, and the play was of the first order. Both teams commenced determined to win.

Heywood were the first to show up but they were grandly repulsed. Next Liverpool attacked but they were driven back, and so the game proceeded in the most hearty manner up to the interval, when neither side had scored. Ten minutes after the resumption John Miller outran the homesters and scored a magnificent goal, but barely had the game been resumed when the Centralians equalised from the foot of Jack Horsfield.

Play again was equally divided between the teams. The forwards on each side attacked determinedly, but the backs played the defensive game to perfection. A better exhibition than they and the goalkeeper gave has never been seen on the Central ground. The game ended in a draw of one goal each, and it was in complete harmony with the division of play.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: December 17, 1892)


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