Goodbye 1892 – Hello 1893

December 31, 1892
Liverpool people never forget to make much of the incoming of a new year, and 1893 was ushered in with the usual celebrations. The streets were busy on Saturday evening, although the weather was piercingly cold, and street vendors drove a very brisk business during the closing hours of the old year. After eleven o’clock, when shops were closed, and places of amusement were relieved from their crowds of pleasure seekers, matter became still more animated, and an immense crowd gathered in Church Street, in front of St. Peter’s Church, to listen to the chiming of the bells announcing the commencement of the year.

Service was held inside the church, and the crowd outside passed the time away in lively conversation and jest. As usual there was a good deal of horseplay, but very commendable good humour prevailed, and nothing really in the way of disturbance took place. At twelve o’clock the crowd sent up a tremendous cheer, and simultaneously the craft on the river sent up their “music.” It was a long time, however, before the crowd entirely dispersed, the younger and more mischievous portion of it seeming much inclined to prolong the frolic. Concertinas, melodeons, and a variety of instruments were brought into to use, and for a time the din was deafening.

Fairly good order, however, was maintained throughout, and the number of arrests made by the police were not at all beyond the average.

At most of the churches and chapels in the city watch-night services were conducted, and they were very well attended.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: January 1, 1893)

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