A great win by Liverpool

January 2, 1893
The Lancashire League match v. Heywood Central was not so well attended as was expected, the great attraction, in the shape of skating, no doubt keeping a large number away. The teams were fully represented, with the exception that Jock Smith, whose play of late has been very poor, was superseded by Joe McQue, who played centre half in place of Matt McQueen, that versatile player taking up the vacancy caused by Smith’s absence.

The game opened in a most exciting manner, as Thomas Wyllie and Matt McQueen, following the kick-off, dribbled along the line, McQueen in the first moment almost concerting Wyllie’s pass. From the corner, which followed, John Miller, neatly headed through in the first five minutes. This success spurred the team to work harder, and by half-time Liverpool had secured two additional goals from the foot of Wyllie, whose play on Saturday was the best exhibition he has shown this season. Perhaps the assistance he received from Matt McQueen had something to do with it.

In the second half Liverpool were too strong for the victors over Bury, who were somewhat lucky to obtain their two goals from free-kicks. W.H. Sharples played up to his county reputation, and was warmly cheered for a fine piece of goalkeeping just on time. Sydney Ross had less to do than the custodian at the other end, and might have saved the first shot.

Duncan McLean was the safer of the two backs, while McQue pleased everyone by the excellent judgment he showed throughout the game. The marked difference in the forwards was refreshing. Malcolm McVean gave his partner more to do, and the result was beneficial to the team. That last centre by Hugh McQueen, and which was so dashingly met and headed through by Matt McQueen, was a splendid piece of play.
(Source: Athletic News: January 2, 1893)


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