Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: January 2, 1893 (Liverpool Mercury)

January 2, 1893
Liverpool are to be congratulated upon their successes during the holidays. The two games at Anfield were very good exhibitions of football, especially that with the Sheffield United. This match was well attended, which shows that, of the committee will get good fixtures, they may be sure of sound support. The whole of the players worked hard with one exception – Jock Smith, who has gone off form altogether lately – and the result fairly reflects the game.

The “friendly” fixture with Southport Central calls for little comment, as it was considered in the light of a holiday for the team. Against Heywood Central the players showed up in fine style, Duncan McLean being very safe at back, while Joe McQue surprised everyone by his admirable play, so well did he fill the position of Matt McQueen, while James McBride and John McCartney were generally good enough for their opponents. In the forward rank a great improvement was noticeable. Whether the infusion of the versatile Matt McQueen was the cause or not, the whole of the forwards worked with more harmony than they have done for some time, and, what was better still, showed a commendable amount of dash.

Today the League match with Fairfield will be played at Manchester.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: January 2, 1893)


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