Heywood Central v Liverpool

January 7, 1893
These teams met on the Bamford Road enclosure this afternoon, in the return fixture, but the severe weather kept the attendance down to about 2,000. Both teams were fully represented, but the ground was covered with snow to the depth of seven inches. Teams:

Heywood Central: W.H. Sharples, J. Pearson, T. Evans, T. Woolfall, L. Scholes, William Reagan, E. Jones, McWhinnie, Jack Horsfield, W. Allan, W. Webster.
Liverpool: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Thomas Wyllie, Matt McQueen, John Miller, John Cameron, Hugh McQueen.
Referee: Mr. W. Smalley.

Liverpool commenced operations down the incline, but they were speedily forced into their own quarters, and Ross was tested. The pressure was relieved and Wyllie gave Sharples a teaser which he got rid of admirably, and Ross had a similar shot to deal with at the other end, which he only just managed to get behind.

Both teams were playing well, and a few minutes later the Central claimed for a goal, but this was ignored by the referee. The game had up to now been of a very even character, but the home men were playing exceptionally well, and gave the opposing defence a warm time of it. Eventually from a free kick for a foul, Woolfall put in a beautiful shot, which took effect. This seemed to rouse the visitors, and Sharples saved a shot from McCartney from close quarters, Miller receiving the ball and just putting it over the bar.

Hannah had to kick away, and a corner to Heywood was unproductive. They Heywood men were now forcing matters, and a free kick which was admirably put in was very dangerous. The Liverpool contingent broke away but were pulled up. M. McQueen was playing an excellent game, and Sharples was playing an excellent game, and Sharples was troubled, having to leave his charge to save, the Liverpool representative experiencing very hard lines hereabouts.

The Central right secured, but McLean was all there, and a free kick taken by the same player was headed out by Evans. Another immediately after was well negotiated by Reagon. The game was again very even, both sides attacking in turn. Reagon as instrumental in breaking up a combined run of the visitors’ front rank, and this brought about the interval, with the score Heywood Central one, Liverpool none.

On resuming the Central took up the running, and Webster put in a trimmer which, however, took no effect. After operations had been in the vicinity of Ross for a few minutes, the visiting forwards removed the scene of action and Wyllie with a good shot, put the teams on a level footing. This seemed to stimulate the visitors who again advanced, the ball being put behind. From the ensuing goal kick the Central bore down upon Ross, and a free kick close in looked rosy for them, but Hannah cleared, and again the Liverpool men attacked, a goal kick to Heywood being the only result.

The visitors, however, kept up the pressure, but a judicious pass to the left was not utilised, whilst another well-managed kick by McLean caused Sharples to handle. Liverpool were now having the best of matters, and Sharples had to be on the alert, dealing with several warm attempts in a very brilliant manner.

Ten minutes later McBride notched the leading point for Liverpool. The Central got hands in a favourable position, but it availed nothing. Both teams fought desperately hard until the finish.

Final: Liverpool 2, Heywood Central 1.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: January 7, 1893)

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